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Key Description Uses
audio.safemedia.force true for safe media volume AudioService
config.disable_bluetooth SystemServer
config.disable_location SystemServer
config.disable_media SystemServer
config.disable_network SystemServer
config.disable_networktime SystemServer
config.disable_noncore SystemServer
config.disable_renderscript RenderScript
config.disable_storage true if storage is disabled Environment
config.disable_systemui SystemServer
config.disable_telephony SystemServer
config.override_forced_orient PhoneWindowManager
ctl.restart service:arg1 arg2 arg3 (examples: "pre-recovery", "bugreport", "media", "zygote", "bootanim", etc.) SystemService
ctl.start service:arg1 arg2 arg3 (examples: "pre-recovery", "bugreport", "media", "zygote", "bootanim", etc.) PowerManagerService
ctl.stop service:arg1 arg2 arg3 (examples: "pre-recovery", "bugreport", "media", "zygote", "bootanim", etc.) SystemService
dalvik.vm.extra-opts Am
dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit vm heap size in megabytes ActivityManager
dalvik.vm.heapsize dalvik.vm.heapsize ActivityManager
dalvik.vm.stack-trace-file File to dump kernel stacktraces to Watchdog
db.log.slow_query_threshold Determines whether a query should be logged. SQLiteDebug
debug.choreographer.frametime Enable/disable using the frame time instead of returning now. Choreographer
debug.choreographer.skipwarning Set a limit to warn about skipped frames. Choreographer
debug.choreographer.vsync Enable/disable vsync for animations and drawing. Choreographer
debug.doze.component DreamManagerService
debug.force_rtl Force right to left layout TextUtils
debug.freemem Allow freemem to be overridden by debug.freemem for testing DeviceStorageMonitorService
debug.hwui.overdraw Controls overdraw debugging. Possible values: "false", to disable overdraw debugging. "show", to show overdraw areas on screen. "count", to display an overdraw counter HardwareRenderer
debug.hwui.print_config System property used to debug EGL configuration choice. HardwareRenderer
debug.hwui.profile HardwareRenderer
debug.hwui.profile.maxframes System property used to specify the number of frames to be used when doing hardware rendering profiling. HardwareRenderer
debug.hwui.render_dirty_regions System property used to enable or disable dirty regions invalidation. HardwareRenderer
debug.hwui.show_dirty_regions Turn on to draw dirty regions every other frame. HardwareRenderer
debug.hwui.show_layers_updates Turn on to flash hardware layers when they update. HardwareRenderer
debug.hwui.show_non_rect_clip Turn on to debug non-rectangular clip operations. Possible values: "hide", to disable this debug mode. "highlight", highlight drawing commands tested against a non-rectangular clip. "stencil", renders the clip region on screen when set HardwareRenderer
debug.layout When set to true, apps will draw debugging information about their layouts. ViewRootImpl
debug.orientation.log true to log messages from WindowOrientationListener WindowOrientationListener
debug.rs.forcecompat RenderScript
debug.second-display.pkg For debugging purposes, if the activity's package name contains the value of the "debug.use-second-display" system property as a substring, then show its content on a secondary display if there is one. ActivityThread
debug.sqlite.journalmode The default journal mode when WAL is not in use. SQLiteGlobal
debug.sqlite.journalsizelimit The journal size limit in bytes SQLiteGlobal
debug.sqlite.pagesize The default page size to use when creating a database. The default value is the block size of "/data". SQLiteGlobal
debug.sqlite.syncmode The default database synchronization mode when WAL is not in use. SQLiteGlobal
debug.sqlite.syncmode The default database synchronization mode when WAL is not in use. SQLiteGlobal
debug.sqlite.wal.autocheckpoint The connection pool size when in WAL mode.  SQLiteGlobal
debug.sqlite.wal.syncmode The database synchronization mode when in WAL mode.  SQLiteGlobal
debug.velocitytracker.alt key used to specify an alternate velocity tracker strategy to plot alongside the default one. Useful for testing and comparison purposes. PointerLocationView
doze.pickup.proxcheck DozeParameters
doze.pickup.vibration.threshold DozeParameters
doze.pulse.delay.in DozeParameters
doze.pulse.delay.in.pickup DozeParameters
doze.pulse.duration.in DozeParameters
doze.pulse.duration.in.pickup DozeParameters
doze.pulse.duration.out DozeParameters
doze.pulse.duration.visible DozeParameters
doze.pulse.notifications DozeParameters
doze.pulse.pickup DozeParameters
doze.pulse.proxcheck DozeParameters
doze.pulse.schedule DozeParameters
doze.pulse.schedule.resets DozeParameters
doze.pulse.sigmotion DozeParameters
doze.vibrate.pickup DozeParameters
doze.vibrate.sigmotion DozeParameters
drm.service.enabled Whether DRM service is enabled MediaScanner
fw.power_user_switcher Add users to menu GlobalActions
fw.show_hidden_users true if this user can be switched to UserInfo
fw.show_multiuserui whether the system supports multiple users. UserManager
gsm.current.phone-type TelephonyProperties
gsm.network.type Indicates the available radio technology. Values include: "unknown", "GPRS", "EDGE" and "UMTS" TelephonyProperties
gsm.operator.alpha Alpha name of current registered operator. Availability: when registered to a network. Result may be unreliable on CDMA networks. TelephonyProperties
gsm.operator.idpstring the international dialing prefix of current operator network TelephonyProperties
gsm.operator.iso-country The ISO country code equivalent of the current registered operator's MCC (Mobile Country Code) TelephonyProperties
gsm.operator.isroaming true if the device is considered roaming on this network for GSM purposes TelephonyProperties
gsm.operator.numeric Numeric name (MCC+MNC) of current registered operator. TelephonyProperties
gsm.sim.operator.alpha Service Provider Name TelephonyProperties
gsm.sim.operator.iso-country ISO country code equivalent for the SIM provider's country code TelephonyProperties
gsm.sim.operator.numeric The MCC+MNC (mobile country code+mobile network code) of the provider of the SIM. 5 or 6 decimal digits. TelephonyProperties
gsm.sim.state One of "UNKNOWN", "ABSENT", "PIN_REQUIRED", "PUK_REQUIRED", "NETWORK_LOCKED", or "READY" TelephonyProperties
gsm.version.baseband Baseband version. This property is available any time radio is on. TelephonyProperties
gsm.version.ril-impl Radio Interface Layer (RIL) library implementation. TelephonyProperties
keyguard.no_require_sim KeyguardViewMediator
lockscreen.rot_override Flag to enable keyguard screen rotation StatusBarWindowManager
log.closeguard.Animation Animation
mms.transaction Property to enable MMS Mode. default = silent, enable to = prompt TelephonyProperties
net.dns1 ConnectivityService
net.dns2 ConnectivityService
net.dns3 ConnectivityService
net.dns4 ConnectivityService
net.hostname Unique device name ConnectivityService
net.qtaguid_enabled Key that indicates if qtaguid bandwidth controls have been enabled NetworkManagementSocketTagger
net.tcp.default_init_rwnd ConnectivityService
net.tethering.noprovisioning TetherUtil
net.tethering.noprovisioning TetherSettings
operator.ismanual true if the device is on a manually selected network TelephonyProperties
persist.adb.notify Flag to show the ADB debugging notification UsbDeviceManager
persist.camera.legacy_perf Enables performance tracking for SurfaceTextureRenderer SurfaceTextureRenderer
persist.debug.wfd.enable 0, WFD is forcibly disabled on boot. 1, WFD is forcibly enabled on boot. DisplayManagerService
persist.demo.hdmirotates For demonstration purposes, allow rotation of the external display to follow the built-in display. LocalDisplayAdapter
persist.demo.hdmirotation For demonstration purposes, allow rotation of the external display. LocalDisplayAdapter
persist.demo.hdmirotation For demo purposes, allow the rotation of the HDMI display to be controlled. PhoneWindowManager
persist.demo.hdmirotationlock PhoneWindowManager
persist.demo.remoterotation For demonstration purposes, allow rotation of the external display. VirtualDisplayAdapter
persist.demo.remoterotation For demo purposes, allow the rotation of the remote display to be controlled. PhoneWindowManager
persist.demo.rotationlock PhoneWindowManager
persist.demo.singledisplay Single display demo mode DisplayManagerService
persist.netmon.linger Linger timeout on NetworkMonitor NetworkMonitor
persist.netmon.reeval_delay Negative values disable reevaluation. NetworkMonitor
persist.power.usetwilightadj true if the twilight service should be used to adjust screen brightness policy. This setting is experimental and disabled by default. PowerManager
persist.radio.cdma.msgid Track CDMA SMS message id numbers to ensure they increment monotonically, regardless of reboots. TelephonyProperties
persist.radio.default.sub Property to store default subscription. TelephonyProperties
persist.radio.imsregrequired Hide lockdown VPN on devices that require IMS authentication VpnSettings
persist.radio.multisim.config Property to set multi sim feature. TelephonyProperties
persist.radio.reset_on_switch Set to true to indicate that the modem needs to be reset when there is a radio technology change. TelephonyProperties
persist.radio.test-csim Set to true to indicate a test CSIM card is used in the device. This property is for testing purpose only. This should not be defined in commercial configuration. TelephonyProperties
persist.security.efs.enabled whether the Encrypted File System feature is enabled on the device or not Environment
persist.service.adb.enable UsbDeviceManager
persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib.2 SystemServer
persist.sys.hdmi.addr.playback HdmiCecLocalDevicePlayback
persist.sys.hdmi.addr.tv HdmiCecLocalDevicePlayback
persist.sys.profiler_depth SamplingProfilerIntegration
persist.sys.profiler_ms setting this secure property will start or stop sampling profiler, as well as adjust the the time between taking snapshots. SamplingProfilerIntegration
persist.sys.safemode Indicates whether we are rebooting into safe mode ShutdownThread
persist.sys.strictmode.disable Boolean system property to disable strict mode checks outright. 'true' to force disable; 'false' has no effect on other enable/disable policy. StrictMode
persist.sys.strictmode.nonssl StrictMode
persist.sys.strictmode.visual The boolean system property to control screen flashes on violations. StrictMode
persist.sys.timezone RuntimeInit
persist.sys.timezone Timezone property AlarmManagerService
persist.sys.ui.hw Window
persist.sys.usb.config The current default USB function name (seperated with a comma). UsbManager
persist.sys.usb.config UsbDeviceManager
persist.sys.usb.config UsbDeviceManager
persist.sys.uts-test-mode PhoneWindowManager
persist.sys.webview.vmsize Chromium WebView VM size WebViewFactory
persist.test.voice_interaction false if voice interaction is not supported VoiceInteractionManagerService
qemu.hw.mainkeys Used by the emulator to override if the device has a navigation bar PhoneWindowManager
qemu.sf.lcd_density qemu.sf.lcd_density can be used to override ro.sf.lcd_density when running in the emulator, allowing for dynamic configurations. DisplayMetrics
ril.cdma.inecmmode Indicate if phone is in emergency callback mode TelephonyProperties
ril.ecclist List of emergency numbers PhoneNumberUtils
ro.adb.secure UsbDeviceManager
ro.audio.monitorOrientation true to have the AudioService monitor the device orientation AudioService
ro.audio.monitorRotation true to have the AudioService monitor the device rotation AudioService
ro.backup.disable Product-level suppression of backup/restore Trampoline
ro.baseband EntropyMixer
ro.boot.bootreason BootReceiver
ro.boot.hardware.sku When hardware sku property exists, use regulatory_info_<sku> resource if valid. RegulatoryInfoDisplayActivity
ro.bootloader The system bootloader version number. Build
ro.bootmode EntropyMixer
ro.bootmode UsbDeviceManager
ro.build.date.utc Build
ro.build.description BugreportReceiver
ro.build.display.id A build ID string meant for displaying to the user Build
ro.build.fingerprint EntropyMixer
ro.build.host Build
ro.build.id Either a changelist number, or a label like "M4-rc20" Build
ro.build.user Build
ro.build.version.all_codenames Build
ro.build.version.incremental The internal value used by the underlying source control to represent this build. E.g., a perforce changelist number or a git hash. Build
ro.build.version.release The user-visible version string. E.g., "1.0" or "3.4b5". Build
ro.build.version.sdk The user-visible SDK version of the framework; its possible values are defined in android.os.Build.VERSION_CODES. Build
ro.carrier EntropyMixer
ro.cdma.ecmexittimer Indicate the timer value for exiting emergency callback mode TelephonyProperties
ro.cdma.otaspnumschema Defines the schema for the carrier specified OTASP number  TelephonyProperties
ro.com.android.dataroaming TelephonyManager
ro.com.android.mobiledata TelephonyManager
ro.com.android.wifi-watchlist The Wi-Fi watchdog SSID list DatabaseHelper
ro.common_time.allow_wifi CommonTimeManagementService
ro.common_time.auto_disable CommonTimeManagementService
ro.common_time.no_iface_timeout CommonTimeManagementService
ro.common_time.server_prio CommonTimeManagementService
ro.config.alarm_alert Default alarm sound MediaScanner
ro.config.license_path The absolute path to "License" files for the Android OS SettingsLicenseActivity
ro.config.low_ram true for a low RAM device ActivityManager
ro.config.max_starting_bg Maximum number of services that is allowed to start in the background at the same time ActiveServices
ro.config.media_vol_steps Default media volume steps AudioService
ro.config.notification_sound Default notification sound MediaScanner
ro.config.ringtone Default ringtone sound MediaScanner
ro.config.vc_call_vol_steps Default call volume steps MediaScanner
ro.config.wallpaper WallpaperManager
ro.config.wallpaper_component WallpaperManager
ro.crypto.state Determine if the device supports encryption, even if it's set to default. BootReceiver
ro.dalvik.vm.isa.{abi}.features The instruction set that should be used to compile dex code. InstructionSets
ro.dalvik.vm.native.bridge NativeLibraryHelper
ro.debuggable Build
ro.emulator.circular property used by emulator to determine display shape WallpaperService
ro.error.receiver.default System property defining default error report receiver ApplicationErrorReport
ro.error.receiver.system.apps System property defining error report receiver for system apps ApplicationErrorReport
ro.factorytest The current factory test mode (0=off, 1-low level, 2=high level). FactoryTest
ro.frp.pst Persistent data block property SystemServer
ro.hardware The name of the hardware (from the kernel command line or /proc). Build
ro.hardware.gps GpsLocationProvider
ro.hdmi.device_type Property name for the local device configurations. HdmiControlService
ro.kernel.android.tracing Emulator trace profiling RuntimeInit
ro.kernel.qemu value will be "1" if the device is an emulator SystemServer
ro.lockscreen.disable.default LockSettingsService
ro.media.effect.bgdropper.adj BackDropperFilter
ro.opengles.version GLSurfaceView
ro.product.board The name of the underlying board, like "goldfish". Build
ro.product.brand The consumer-visible brand with which the product/hardware will be associated, if any. Build
ro.product.cpu.abilist An ordered list of ABIs supported by this device. The most preferred ABI is the first element in the list. Build
ro.product.cpu.abilist32 An ordered list of 32 bit ABIs supported by this device. The most preferred ABI is the first element in the list Build
ro.product.cpu.abilist64 An ordered list of 64 bit ABIs supported by this device. The most preferred ABI is the first element in the list. Build
ro.product.device The name of the industrial design. Build
ro.product.manufacturer The manufacturer of the product/hardware. Build
ro.product.model The end-user-visible name for the end product. Build
ro.product.name The name of the overall product. Build
ro.radio.noril true if device is Wi-Fi only ConnectivityService
ro.revision EntropyMixer
ro.revision BootReceiver
ro.ril.wake_lock_timeout Property to override DEFAULT_WAKE_LOCK_TIMEOUT TelephonyProperties
ro.runtime.firstboot BootReceiver
ro.serialno EntropyMixer
ro.serialno UsbDeviceManager
ro.serialno A hardware serial number, if available. Alphanumeric only, case-insensitive. Build
ro.sf.lcd_density The device density. DisplayMetrics
ro.telephony.call_ring.delay The number of milliseconds between CALL_RING notifications.  TelephonyProperties
ro.telephony.call_ring.multipl Set to true for vendor RIL's that send multiple UNSOL_CALL_RING notifications. TelephonyProperties
ro.telephony.default_network RILConstants
ro.telephony.disable-call Disable all calls including Emergency call when it set to true. TelephonyProperties
ro.telephony.sim.count Set to the sim count. TelephonyProperties
ro.test_harness true if device is running in a test harness ActivityManager
ro.tether.denied ConnectivityService
ro.vendor.build.fingerprint Build
ro.zygote.disable_gl_preload ZygoteInit
selinux.reload_policy SELinuxPolicyInstallReceiver
sendbug.preferred.domain BugreportReceiver
service.adb.tcp.port Enable ADB over Wi-Fi UsbDebuggingActivity
socket.relaxsslcheck SSLCertificateSocketFactory
sync.local_sync_delay SyncManager
sync.max_init_syncs SyncManager
sync.max_regular_syncs SyncManager
sync.max_time_per_sync SyncManager
sync.notification_delay SyncManager
sys.boot_completed 1 (true) if the system has sent BOOT_COMPLETE broadcast SystemUIApplication
sys.max_texture_size WallpaperManager
sys.powerctl shutdown,reason|reboot,reason PowerManagerService
sys.settings_secure_version Settings
sys.shutdown.requested Provides shutdown assurance in case the system_server is killed ShutdownThread
sys.sysctl.extra_free_kbytes ProcessList
sys.usb.config The enabled USB functions UsbManager
sys.usb.config UsbDeviceManager
sys.usb.state UsbDeviceManager
system_init.startmountservice SystemServer
telephony.lteOnCdmaDevice TelephonyProperties
telephony.lteOnCdmaProductType The contents of this property is the value of the kernel command line product_type variable that corresponds to a product that supports LTE on CDMA. TelephonyProperties
telephony.sms.receive Set to false to disable SMS receiving, default is the value of config_sms_capable TelephonyProperties
telephony.sms.send Set to false to disable SMS sending, default is the value of config_sms_capable TelephonyProperties
telephony.test.ignore.nitz Ignore RIL_UNSOL_NITZ_TIME_RECEIVED completely, used for debugging/testing. TelephonyProperties
test.radios DataUsageSummary
test.subscriberid DataUsageSummary
viewroot.profile_rendering Set this system property to true to force the view hierarchy to render at 60 Hz. This can be used to measure the potential framerate. ViewRootImpl
vold.decrypt UsbDeviceManager
vold.encrypt_progress MountService